Dynastic Networks as Vehicles for Cultural Transfer: Sources, Methods and Theoretical Approaches

On Tuesday 15 july 2014, the first international Marrying Cultures workshop will bring together scholars from universities, museums and libraries who work on the material aspects of cultural exchange for an intense exchange of ideas. The format of the conference, with short talks on a single object or relevant consort or collection, is designed to provide ample time for general discussion on methodology and approaches to working on the history of the cultural contribution of dynastic consorts.

This emphasis on methodology is intended to provide members of the Marrying Cultures team with a forum in which to tease out the theoretical problems involved in conducting research on persons and objects which inhabited very different notions of identity and culture our own: ‘foreign’ and ‘national’, for example, are not terms which translate well across the centuries; and understanding terms which early modern people took as foundational to their culture – ‘dynasty’, for example – can prove exceptionally challenging to scholars. To engage with these problems, each speaker will comment on an item of their work, focusing on issues which they feel are unresolved, the challenges posed by the source material, and how they would alter their approach to the material now in light of advances in theory.

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