Round Table on Literary Foremothers, by Tanja Badalič

In the framework of the Week of the University organized by the University of Nova Gorica (13–17 October 2014), the Research Centre for Humanities arranged a round table about literary foremothers to celebrate the online publication of interviews with contemporary female writers from the region of Nova Gorica, entitled Navdušujoča raznolikost (“Fascinating Diversity”) The publication has been created in cooperation with the literary club of Gimnazija Nova Gorica (Nova Gorica Grammar School). Under the supervision of Nejc Rožman Ivančič, teacher of Slovenian, the interviews were carried out by the following students: Kristina Bizjak, Ana Jarc, Zala Majhenič, Ariana Šuligoj, Kristina Mavrič Zavnik, Miha Ožbot, Maja Pavlin, Meta Puc, Julijan Vršnik, Vanesa Zaman and Maja Zuljan. The round table, chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Katja Mihurko Poniž and Nejc Rožman Ivančič, was attended by the following female authors: Nataša Konc Lorenzutti, Darinka Kozinc, Marija Mercina, Vida Mokrin Pauer, Maja Novak, Patricija Peršolja, Magda Reja, Anja Štefan, Maja Vidmar and Vita Žerjal Pavlin.

Round table Female authors Nova Gorica oct 14

The authors discussed their views of the world and literature, they unveiled their sources of inspiration and their female and male role-models. They also talked about the issues of discrimination and pigeon-holing. Besides, they spoke about how they reconcile different roles, such as maternity, career and literary creativity. During the discussion, their diversity, in particular concerning their gender identity, was clearly expressed. This diversity is inspiring not only for the authors but also for the readers of their works.