Portraits women writers

Women writers from the five countries studied in HERA-TTT:

  1. Slovenia: Pavlina Pajk (1854-1901)
  2. Spain: Faustina Sáez de Melgar (1834-1895) 
  3. Norway: Camilla Collett (1813-1895) 
  4. Netherlands: Catharina F. van Rees (1831-1915)
  5. Finland: Marie Linder (1840-1870) 

The hyperlinks lead to the entries for these women in the WomenWriters database This version of our dynamic research tool is currently in the process of being developed into a Virtual Research Environment but please feel free to browse! You can for instance check by country for currently available information on authors, their works and, most importantly for our project, the circulation and reception of women´s writing.

  1. Slovenia
  2. Spain
  3. Norway
  4. Netherlands
  5. Finland

You will find references to works written by these authors here.

And here are references to documents about the circulation and reception of women’s writing in the five literary subsystems covered in our project.